Event Updates

The Los Cabos International Film Festival confirms the event will be held on November 12-16 as scheduled.

San Jose del Cabo's Art District and the popular Art Walk will open its season this October as scheduled, according to the President of the Historical Association.

Marina Cabo San Lucas and Marina Puerto Los Cabos have stated that all fishing tournaments are on as scheduled.

Humanitarian Update

Hundreds of tons of food and water arrived to the area by land and sea and distributed to those in need.  The Mexican Red Cross led the efforts together with the military and collection stations that were set up throughout Mexico for goods.  The Mexican Government has now issued a statement that as the stores are now re-stocked, and utilities and government services back and running again, additional emergency supplies are no longer needed and collection stations are being closed down.  However there are thousands of homeless people in the colonies after the storm, and so many more who have lost so much that it will take much time to rebuild their lives.  Many more are unemployed until the tourists return and in need of basic assistance to get them through.

The local relief organizations are still badly in need of funds to assist the families they represent.  You can make a donation directly to the Mexican Red Cross through their website or by using a registered US based foundation such as the International Community Foundation who works together with the local relief agencies in Baja California Sur.  The ICF successfully worked with their partners at the Inter-American Development Bank to solicit that organization to release $250,000 to the Mexican Red Cross for these efforts!  Outstanding work.

There are so many great organizations that are trying to help in this difficult time.  But you can only support so many, so it's only to choose those you trust and believe will make a real difference, and those that support a cause closest to your own heart. 

We are currently supporting and fundraising for:

International Community Foundation - $52,097.78 in 22 Days
Sarahuaro Community - $91,305.00 in 22 Days
Solmar Foundation - $84.155.02 in 22 Days

Honorable Mention:  Bisbee's Hurricane Relief
While we are focusing on our own choices, wow - what generosity toward Cabo - a $250,000 initial donation and fund raising of another $40,000.00 in only 4 days.  Thank you Bisbees.  Thank you.

Honorable Mention:  YachtAid Global and Monica Page Logistics
These guys were amazing friends of Cabo throughout.  They managed logistics and delivered food, supplies and clean water to the citizens of Cabo almost from Day 1.  Without their efforts, this miraculous recovery of Cabo could never have been possible.  Incredible work. Cabo is forever grateful.

Honorable Mention:  Waves for Water
Amazing contribution.  These guys were instrumental to getting clean drinking water to the nearly 300,000 people left without it in the days following Hurricane Odile.  Amazing work.  Cabo thanks you so much!

Honorable Mention:  Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines has made a $20,000 donation to the Mexican Red Cross, and has provided much-needed airlift of humanitarian and evacuation support.  They are also the first U.S. airline to announce flights back to Cabo, and have been an amazing partner of Cabo throughout.

There are many other unofficial organizations collecting funds as well, which is great.  Many of these are wonderful Friends of Cabo trying to make a difference.  Just make sure you know who you are donating to, do your homework and ensure that there is an action plan to get the funds into Cabo in an efficient and transparent fashion. 

And of course thank you SO MUCH to everyone who worked so hard to collect much-needed donations and to get the word out about how everyone could help in the immediate aftermath and kept everyone in the loop during the recovery!  Cabo loves you!!!!

How Else You Can Help

While the tourist infrastructure will be up and going strong by October, the humanitarian needs of the local people will be high for much longer.  The needs of the local people are great, and without income it will be very difficult for them to recover.

Now that the airport is open again, there is perhaps no better way to contribute to the recovery than with your tourist dollars.  Every margarita you drink or taco you eat gives a hotel or restaurant worker a job, who then uses that money to buy things at the store, giving the store employee a job and money to spend to buy things at another store, and so on.  The impact is felt through this small community in so many ways.  Cabo needs you, especially in this already low season.  We hope to see you in Cabo very soon!. 

And of course please share this page and others with those that you know and help get the word out that CABO IS BACK!  See The Photos

Impact on Your Tours

Almost all of our tours and our airport transfers are now back up and running.  We are open and accepting reservations!  While not every tour is back running just yet, most are, and by the time you visit nearly all of them will be!  By making your reservations in advance, you are also getting badly needed funds directly to the tour companies and their families in their time of greatest need.

We hope to have the chance to serve you this year here in Cabo, but if you will be changing your vacation plans to another location in Mexico, we would love to have you join us for some fun in one of our other locations such as Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cancun, Cozumel or Playa del Carmen.

Hotel Damage & Reopening Updates

Many hotels in Cabo fared pretty well during the storm, reporting only minor damage.  Some resorts are already open for business as usual and ready to host you.  However, some still have some clean-up to do which will keep them closed until about October 15th.  A few were heavily damaged and will remain closed until October 31 or longer.  Here is a list of the official estimates and reports we have received so far:

Bahia Hotel - Only minimal damage.  Open.

Bel Air Collection - No structural damage.  November 1.

Barcelo Grand Faro - Open.

Best Western Aeropuerto - November 2

Cabo Azul - January 15

Cabo Pulmo Resort - Minimal damage. Open.

Cabo Surf Hotel - Minimal damage.  Open.

Cabo Villas - Minimal damage.  Open.

Capella Pedral - January 15

Casa del Mar - November 15

Casa Dorada - Open

Club Cascadas - October 30

Club Regina - December 1

Club Solaris - November 15

Dreams Los Cabos - Sustained cosmetic damages and substantial debris, yet no serious structural damages. December 20.

East Cape Resorts - Very minor damage, fully operational. Out fishing.

East Cape RV - Only three trees down and no major damage to trailers or palapas, and no damage to boats.

El Encanto Inn - November 15

El Ganzo - Still Assessing, but their Container Restaurant is Open.

Esperanza - March 1

Fiesta Americana Los Cabos - November 15 for a big group, then November 23 for individual reservations.

Grand Mayan Los Cabos - Last report was approximately November 23 but still assessing.

Grand Solmar - Open

Hacienda Beach Club - Open

Hacienda del Mar - November 1

Hacienda Encantada - Minimal Damage. Open.

Hilton Los Cabos - March 1

Holiday Inn - December 15

Holiday Inn Express Los Cabos - Open

Hotel California (Todos Santos) - Open

Hotel Los Pescadores - Open

Hotel Los Milagros - Open

Hotel Suites Las Palmas - Open

Hyatt Place - July 1

Hyatt Ziva - Still Assessing.  Taking Reservations Beginning April 30.

Las Ventanas - Still Assessing

Los Barrilles - Very minor damage. Fully operational.

Los Cabos Golf Resort - No serious damage, just cosmetic. Open.

Marbella Suites - December 1

Mar de Cortez - Minimal damage. Open.

Marina Fiesta - Open.

ME Cabo - Still Assessing.  Will announce a reopen date later this year. Los Cabos Tourism puts the reopen date as February 2015.  Other reports say March.

Melia Cabo Real - Still Assessing.  Los Cabos Tourism puts a reopen date at January 1 but only bookable as of July 1.

One & Only Palmilla - March 15

Playa Grande - Open.

Posada Real Los Cabos - Open.

Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos - No structural damage, just cleanup. Open.

Pueblo Bonito Montecristo Estates - No structural damage, just cleanup. Open.

Pueblo Bonito Rose - No structural damage, just cleanup. Open.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica - No structural damage, just cleanup. Open.

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach - No structural damage, just cleanup. Open.

Quinta del Sol - Open

Rancho Leonoro - Minimal damage. Fully operational. Out fishing.

The Ridge - Open.

Riu Palace - Open

Riu Santa Fe - Open

Royal Decameron - December 10

Royal Solaris - November 15

Sandos Finisterra - November 1

Secrets Marquis - Sustained cosmetic damages and substantial debris, yet no serious structural damages. December 20.

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos - Cosmetic damage and debris, no structural damage. November 15.

Sheraton - November 1

Siesta Suites - Only 4 rooms affected. Open.

Sirena del Mar - Still Assessing but Taking Reservations as of March 1.  Los Cabos Tourism puts their reopen date at January 1.

Solmar - Open.

Tropicana Inn - Open

Ventanas Residences - Open including their Portus Boat (Cruising and Fishing), Santitos Restaurant and La Purisma Spa.

Villa del Arco - Minimal damage. Open and 100% Operational.

Villa del Palmar - Minimal damage. Open and 100% Operational.

Villa La Estancia - Minimal damage. Open and 100% Operational.

Westin - March 1

Worldmark Coral Baja - January 31

Wyndham - "Unaffected".  Open.

Zoetry - Cosmetic damage and debris, no structural damage. December 20.

Our Recommendations

Cabo is now ready, anxious for, and in need of mass touristic arrivals.  Power, water, internet, telephone and cell service are back to normal.  Most businesses are already reopening and will be open for your arrival.  The beaches, marina, water, and tourist areas are all clean and ready to host you and the sun is shining - both literally and figuratively - in Cabo once again!

In October, there will still be some work going on in Cabo, but as long as your resort is open for business, there will still be plenty to enjoy.  You will truly be surprised to see how quickly Cabo has been restored, given the severity of the hit.  A few resorts and businesses may be closed until a bit later in the fall, but will be reopen and ready to go for high season this winter.  If your resort of choice is not yet open, use this opportunity to try out another resort - you never know, you might like it even better!

Currently Cabo San Lucas is a couple weeks ahead of San Jose del Cabo and the Corridor in recovery, so in these early days of October you may want to consider to stay closer to Cabo San Lucas for maximum availability of attractions, restaurants, bars and entertainment.

The beaches, the sunshine, the pool, the food, and the margaritas will all be here.  The marina is clean and open and most boats were unharmed.  Restaurants, bars, shops, tours and attractions are reopening by the dozens every day.  And of course, the local business people really need economic support in these early days. 

Don't believe us?   See The Photos

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