LAST UPDATED 8/30/06 10:39AM MST

Sunquest is operating an emergency evacuation flight aboard a Skyservice B757 which has flown to Los Cabos today in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, to evacuate some 225 Sunquest customers currently vacationing in the area. Hurricane John is currently at the top end of a Category 3 hurricane, with winds up to 200km/hr. It continues to lie of the western coast of Mexico.
The local hotels too, are loking at evacution. “Sunquest had been working through the night to put the rescue effort together. The flight left Toronto at 9:00am local time, “ Wykes said, “to wait any longer, might make it difficult to get in or out.”
Sunquest will make every effort to reach all passengers and will advise them of the impending conditions and the dangers of remaining. While the company hopes all Sunquest travellers will take advantage of the emergency flight and choose to return, they cannot be forced to do so.
Bus and taxi transfers are all in place in the hotel zone to transport Sunquest customers to the airport for a 13:20 departure to Toronto.
Based on all current forecasts, the resort areas of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo will be directly in the hurricane’s path, with the centre of Hurricane John over these areas around mid-day Friday. At this stage all indications are that this will be a very dangerous Category 4 storm.