Testing Hub for Tracking

Use this resource for anything that is related to the company’s tracking, analytics or test transactions.

Make a $0.01 Test Transaction

We use test transactions when there are modifications to our Shopping cart or thank-you pages. We use them to check on the user experience and the e-commerce tracking of the page.

Cabo San Lucas

Verify Ad Campaigns

Use tag assistant to check on the tags that are fired while you do the test transaction. This will help you identify if a tag is missing, and therefore avoid having tracking issues.

Bing Tag Tag Assistant Google Ads Conversions Report

View Tracking Results

We use the following reports to analyze the user activity in our websites and ad campaigns.

Google Analytics Google Ads Bing Ads Google Search Console

Check and Void Transactions

Use these links to void transactions or check them in Payeezy or Paypal.

Payeezy Paypal

Aditional Resources

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