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Coronavirus - Cabo San Lucas

Last Updated: September 16th, 2021

Last Updated: November 04th, 2021

Cabo San Lucas is open and traveling to Los Cabos is safe and easy, with few covid travel restrictions or entry requirements, few coronavirus cases and certification as a Safe Travels destination.

Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Latest Updates

Population: 287,000 | Active Cases: 26

Source: Official Baja California Sur State Communication

Source: Official Baja California Sur State Communication

Date Recorded: February 5th, 2021

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Covid Testing in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Covid Testing in Cabo San Lucas

You don't need a Covid Test to enter Cabo.
U.S. requires only an Antigen test for re-entry.
Covid tests are widely available at most hotels (usually for FREE) and the airport for about $25.00
Results are returned by email in about 15 min.

Read more about Covid Testing in Los Cabos.

Although there is no testing requirement to come to Los Cabos, if you are a resident of the United States or Canada, you will need a Covid test prior to your return home. For U.S. residents, this test can be an antigen test, which is readily available at most hotels (usually for free) and the airport (about $25.00 USD) and takes only about 10 minutes to get your results. For Canadians, you'll need a PCR test but while usually not free is at a good price and is also readily available. The hotels are all set up with the information you need to meet this requirement, it is very easy. Read more about COVID-19 testing in Cabo here.

There are no travel restrictions for air or sea travel to Mexico from the US or Canada, though from Canada you'll need to 1-stop through the US. No quarantine is required. Canadians will need to quarantine upon return to Canada, but the US has no quarantine requirement.

If you are planning to come to Cabo, check out our services:

We can support you 7 days a week in planning your trip to Cabo San Lucas. You can book with our assistance, or through our website 24/7, it’s completely secure and risk-free. Date changes or cancellations due to COVID are free of charge for most activities.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

Q: Do I need a COVID-19 test before leaving my country?
A: There is no requirement by Mexico for testing prior to arrival. However, you will need to check with your home country to see if they have any requirements prior to travel. The U.S. has no requirement for covid testing prior to travel. However the CDC does recommend it now that testing is widely available, typically for free, near your home, with results emailed to you. It takes a few minutes out of your day to get the test, and it's better to have the peace of mind ahead of time. If you don't take the test, we recommend that you at least self-screen for symptoms.

Q: Do I need to quarantine on my return?
A: There is no quarantine requirement for U.S. residents. However the CDC does recommend that you stay at home and social distance for a week or so when you return home just in case, as they always have. Canadians do need to quarantine upon returning home. Check with your country about their regulations since it varies from country to country.

Q: Do I need to take a Covid test to enter Cabo?
A: No, Mexico and Cabo San Lucas do not require a Covid test for entering the country. However, you might want to check if you need a Covid test to return to your country.

Q: Do I need to take a Covid test to return to my country?
A: This will depend on your home country. Mexico has no requirement for departure testing, but your home country may. For U.S. residents, you'll need an antigen test before returning home, which is readily available at most hotels and usually free, very easy. Testing is also available at the airport. You get your results in about 10 minutes by email, and you can show it on your phone at check-in for your flight home. Canadians will need a PCR test which is also readily available at hotels and the airport, though usually not for free. We recommend to contact your hotel for details of pricing or services available.

Q: How much time before I depart do I need to take the Covid test?
A: You must take the Covid test within 3 days before your departure flight.

Q: What if I’m not on a direct flight to the United States? When do I need to take the Covid test?
A: You need to take the test within the 3 days prior to your first departure flight. Just make sure each connection isn’t longer than 24 hours.

Q: I already had Covid-19. Do I still need to get tested to enter the US?
A: If you already recovered from Covid-19, you can show documentation of your recovery. You will need to show your previous positive test and a letter of a licensed health provider, stating you already recovered. Otherwise, you can take a test to show you are not currently ill.

Q: Where do I need to show my negative Covid-19 test when returning to the US?
A: The airline staff will ask for your negative covid test before boarding. You might also want to keep a physical or electronic copy of your test if any US Government official requests it when entering the country.

Q: What does my Covid test need to say so that I can board the plane?
A: Your test needs to show any of the following results: “Negative”, “Sars-CoV-2 RNA Not Detected”, “Sars-CoV-2 Antigen Not Detected”, or “Covid-19 not Detected”. If your test comes out as “invalid,” it will not be accepted. We encourage you to consult with your Airline's customer service.

Q: Where can I take a Covid test in Cabo San Lucas?
A: Covid testing is readily available at most hotels, usually for free, or a very low cost. You can typically schedule your test at check-in for your convenience. You can also get tested at the airport prior to departure. It is low-cost, and you can get your results in as little as 10 minutes. Just allow yourself a little extra time at check-in to get the results. If you are staying at an AirBnB, your host will have all the information for you how to get the test. Typically an English-speaking doctor can come to you and take the test and email you the results, or you can do it at the airport.

Q: Can I get tested at my hotel?
A: Most hotels are prepared to take your Antigen test with lab personnel that will comply with the CDC requirements. For more information, we suggest you call your hotel and verify.

Q: How much is a Covid test in Cabo San Lucas?
A: Most hotels are offering up to two complimentary antigen tests to their guests, which is all you need for return to the United States. Those that don't typically offer them at very low cost (approx. $12.00 to $25.00). At the airport, prices are usually $25.00 to $45.00 depending on the facility. PCR tests normally run from $60.00 to $100 depending on the facility. Check with your hotel and they'll give you all the information about their services.

Q: How long before I get the results for my Covid test?
A: Usually, if you take an antigen test, such as those required for return to the United States, the results are delivered by email in as little as 10 minutes. It may be up to 30 minutes or so, depends on your facility. PCR tests are typically returned in 24 hours. Your hotel will give you all the details.

Q: Do children need to get tested for Covid?
A: Yes. The CDC requires children of 2 or more years of age must get tested prior to departure.

Q: What happens if I test positive?
A: Although it is rare for tourists to test positive prior to their return flight, if that did happen, the Mexican tourism industry has set up everything to be as easy and inexpensive as possible for you. In these rare cases, you'd need to stay in Cabo until you tested negative, and your hotel will set you up with accommodations, often for free, others at discounted rates, until you test negative. You will not need to quarantine at any facility, just at your hotel. There are doctors available at all the hotels to observe and assist you, and give you another test to see when you are able to return home. Contact your hotel directly to see what services and pricing they are offering in this rare case.

The United States is working with Mexico to make this process easy and painless for you.

Q: Is there Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Cabo San Lucas?
A: While infection rates are low compared to most areas in the US, nowhere in the world is completely free of COVID-19. In an area with a population of over 287,000 Cabo San Lucas currently has 26 active cases of COVID-19 that are in quarantine or being treated, and 20,677 people have recovered since the COVID-19 pandemic began, according to the health department statistics. Visit Official State Source Here.

Q: Is it safe to visit Los Cabos right now with the Coronavirus?
A: While nowhere is completely free of coronavirus in this day and age, infection rates are low compared to the US, and all businesses must be certified by the health authorities as having met strict health protocols before being allowed to reopen. Cabo San Lucas is taking your health and safety very seriously and is already the first destination in the Americas to be certified as a "Safe Destination" by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

Q: Will I need to wear a mask while I'm in Cabo? Or on the airplane?
A: As in other countries right now including the U.S. and Canada, masks should be worn at times where social distancing is not available, for example in public areas where you will be walking or standing near other people than your family, such as airports, grocery stores, public transportation, or on airplanes. However you won't need to wear a mask if you are in a private area where social distancing is available, such as at your hotel, at the beach, on a guided tour or excursion, or while dining at a restaurant.

The staff will wear masks and gloves, including cleaners and restaurant workers, to keep you as safe and healthy as possible. You will want to Buy Masks Hand Sanitizer to bring with you on your trip, but these will also be provided for you at your hotel or other locations if you forget them in your hotel room. The idea is to keep everyone as safe as possible, while at the same time not detracting from your vacation experience and making sure you have a great time.

Q: Will there be hand sanitizer available?
A: Yes, all businesses are required to provide hand sanitizer and you will have it in your hotel room. However, we still recommend you bring your own to use along the way, which you can buy online from shops like Sustainable Travel Store, ZSkin or Germproof.

Q: Are there other things I should think to bring with me?
A: Other than the usual things like a hat, sunglasses, swimwear, Biodegradable Sunscreen or After-Sun Lotion, you may want to consider boosting your immune system with a product like Airborne or Germ-Proof or with Vitamins, but as long as you bring hand sanitizer you should have all the precautions you need.

If you will be doing water activities we always recommend to bring a Rash Guard or Wet-Shirt to protect you from the sun and protect the environment, and you may wish to bring your own Snorkeling Gear, though it will be provided for you fully sanitized on our tours if you don't.

Q: Is the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) Open?
A: Yes. It is open to international and domestic flights following all the health protocols.

Q: Are your Airport Transfers running?
A: Yes. You can already book your Private Transfers or your Shuttle Service with us.

Q: Does the US have travel restrictions for international travel?
A: Not to Mexico. Airlines have been flying between the US and Mexico continuously. There is a restriction on land border crossings, but this does not apply to air or sea travel. The US does require a negative antigen or PCR test to return to the US, which is easy and usually free at your hotel. See the testing section for full details.

Q: Will I need to wear a mask at the airport?
A: You should plan to wear a mask at the airport, and on the flight, since these are public places where limited social distancing is available. You will want to Buy a Mask and a travel-size bottle of Hand Sanitizer to bring with you on your trip.

Q: Will they be testing at the airport?
A: When you arrive you will be quickly screened for symptoms. If you don't show symptoms, you will continue on to your Airport Transfer as normal. If you do show symptoms, you may be asked to undergo an extra screening which may include a rapid test just to make sure you are not contagious. If it is positive, you will receive guidance from a medical professional as to how to proceed.

Q: Will I need to quarantine?
A: Mexico has no requirements for quarantine on arrival or departure. If the unlikely event that you are symptomatic and test positive, you may be asked to self-quarantine at home or at your hotel. You can check with your airline to see if your home country has any requirements.

Q: What should I do to make sure I don't have any issues on my trip?
A: To make your travel go as smoothly as possible, we recommend you do a self-check for symptoms a day or two before you go to the airport, and also before you leave for your flight. If you have symptoms, go to the doctor and get tested. That way if you're positive, you can reschedule your trip and stay safe at home, and if you're negative you can bring your certificate with you on your trip.

You will be screened for symptoms upon arrival, but it is very unlikely that you would develop symptoms in a few hours while on the flight, so this will make sure you don't have any issues and can go on about enjoying your vacation.

Q: Are hotels in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area open right now?
A: Yes, most hotels are open and have been open since June 2020. All of them are following over 150 strict health protocols to provide you with a safe and relaxing environment.

Q: Are villas and vacation rentals in open in Cabo?
A: Villas, Air B&B, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts are operating under the same protocols as hotels. They must also be certified by the health authorities to be complying with the health protocols.

Q: Will all the facilities at my hotel be available like normal? Will the bars and restaurants and spa be open?
A: Generally yes. All expected services and facilities will be available at all hotels. Expanded health protocols will be in place for the safety and health of both you and the hotel employees, but you will be able to enjoy your hotel in the way you would expect.

Q: Won't it be crowded at my hotel? I'm worried about social distancing.
A: No. Hotels will be opening only to partial capacity in order to preserve social distancing, and by nature most hotels in Cabo are relatively small and most of the area is quite spread out.

Q: Are you open?
A: Yes. We are working remotely and ready to serve you 7 days a week from Mon-Fri from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM (MDT) and Sat-Sun from 7:00AM to 11:00 AM (MDT) with any questions you have. We are accepting bookings for all our activities as normal.

Q: Will all your tours and activities be running when I arrive?
A: Yes. Tours and activities resumed on June 15th, including fishing and water activities. However due to reduced volume, we strongly recommend to book well in advance of your tour date because if there are already bookings, then we can know there will be enough people to run that tour.

If everyone waits until the last minute, then it may be difficult for the tour operators to run some tours just because they didn't prepare staff and equipment since they thought they didn't have bookings that day.

Some tours that normally operate on a shared basis may be offered only on a private basis if demand isn't there, but most likely everything will be available, we just ask that you be flexible and patient in consideration of the situation.

Q: Will I be able to go snorkeling or go on a boat tour while I'm in Cabo?
A: Yes, just with less people on the tours than in other times, which is actually pretty nice

Q: Are golf courses in Cabo San Lucas open?
A: Yes. All the golf courses are currently open and operating as normal.

Q: Can I cancel and get a refund if I can't visit due to Coronavirus?
A: Yes. We hope you will be able to change your date, in which case this is always free of charge. If not, then yes if COVID-19 disrupts your vacation plans you can cancel and receive a refund.

Q: Will I be able to bring a group or plan an event in Cabo this summer?
A: Yes. Cabo has special protocols in place to be able to accommodate groups and events such as weddings, including group tours and activities. Our Groups Team is here 7 days a week to advise you and help you set up your event. Even if you're not visiting this summer, you can still start planning to have that dream destination event in Cabo that you've been wishing for.

Q: Will the Bisbee's Fishing Tournament still be held?
A: Yes. The Bisbee's is still on. Better start practicing, the fishing will be extra great this summer after two months of no fishing! See our Fishing Trips.

Q: Are restaurants and bars open in Cabo San Lucas?
A: Over 1,600 restaurants are already certified and operating. The remaining restaurants will continue to reopen as soon as they are in full compliance with the new safety and hygiene protocols including social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be available at the door. Bars, night clubs and casinos are still closed except for those at your hotel that meet the current social distancing protocols. They will reopen at a future date depending on health protocols.

Q: Will I need to wear a mask while eating at a restaurant?
A: No. The restaurants are set up for social distancing, so you can relax and enjoy your meal with your family as normal. However as at home, you should put on Your Mask when walking by other people, such as when entering or leaving the restaurant or getting up to go to the bathroom, just in case.

Any questions we didn't answer? Contact Us and we're happy to help make this a great vacation experience for you in Cabo.

What is Happening in Cabo?

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Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Update

Airports & Flights - Los Cabos International Airport

The airport is open and receiving flights daily. Anti-COVID sanitary protocols are in place at the airport, and health officials are conducting passenger screenings.

Currently you can get to Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) with the following Airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines: via Los Angeles (LAX), San Diego (SAN), San Jose (SJC)
  • American Airlines: via Dallas (DFW), Los Angeles (LAX), Phoenix (PHX),
    Charlotte (CLT), Chicago (ORD)
  • Delta/AeroMexico: via Atlanta (ATL), Los Angeles (LAX), Mexico City (MEX)
  • Eastern Airlines: via New York (JFK)
  • Southwest Airlines: via Denver (DEN), Houston (IAH)
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • Sunwing
  • United Airlines: via Houston (IAH)
  • Viva Aerobus: via Mexico City (MEX), Toluca (TLC), Monterrey (MTY), Culican (CUL)
  • Volaris: via Tijuana (TIJ), Guadalajara (GDL), Mexico City (MEX), Leon (BJX)

Cheap Flights to Cabo San Lucas

Airfare - Deals | Due to the low demand in flights, airlines are running some amazing deals right now to try to entice demand back up, while at the same time offering flexible change and cancellation policies. This makes now an excellent time to book, no matter when you plan to travel.

Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Update

Cabo San Lucas Hotel Reopening Dates —

Los Cabos hotels have started accepting guests again. However due to limited demand, there are some hotels that are opting to open later. Check Los Cabos Hotel Reopening Dates after COVID-19:


  • Acre
  • Alegranza
  • Bahia Hotel
  • Baja Cabo
  • Barcelo Gran Faro Los Cabos
  • Breathless Cabo San Lucas
  • Cabo Azul Resort
  • Cabo Inn
  • Cabo Surf
  • Cabo Vista
  • Cabo Villas
  • Cactus Inn
  • Casa Costa Azul
  • Casa del Mar
  • Casa Dorada
  • Casa Natalia
  • Chilena Bay Resort
  • City Express Plus
  • City Suites
  • Club Cascadas de Baja
  • Club Regina
  • Club Solaris
  • Comfort Inn
  • Dreams Los Cabos
  • El Encanto
  • Esperanza
  • Estancia Real
  • Fairfield Inn
  • Fiesta Americana
  • Four Seasons
  • Garza Blanca
  • Grand Solmar Land’s End
  • Grand Velas
  • Hacienda Beach Club
  • Hacienda Bella
  • Hacienda Del Mar
  • Hacienda Encantada
  • Hampton Inn
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Hilton Los Cabos
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hotel Aeropuerto
  • Hotel del Angel
  • Hotel El Ganzo
  • Hotel J y M
  • Hotel Santa Fe
  • Hyatt Place
  • Hyatt Ziva
  • JW Marriott
  • La Marina Inn
  • Las Palmas
  • Las Ventanas al Paraiso
  • LCH Goldscape
  • Le Blanc Spa Resort
  • Live Aqua
  • Los Cabos Golf Resort
  • Los Milagros
  • Los Patios
  • Mar de Cortez
  • Mar del Cabo
  • Maria Elena
  • Mariamar Suites
  • Marina Fiesta
  • Marquis Los Cabos
  • ME Cabo
  • Medano Hotel
  • Mirador del Cabo
  • Montage Los Cabos
  • Nobu Hotel
  • One & Only Palmilla
  • Palmilla Dunes
  • Palo Verde
  • Paradisus Los Cabos
  • Park Royal
  • Playa Grande
  • Plaza Los Arcos
  • Posada Antonio
  • Posada Real
  • Posada Terranova
  • Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos
  • Pueblo Bonito Pacifica
  • Pueblo Bonito Rose
  • Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach
  • Pueblo Bonito Montecristo Estates
  • Quinta del Sol
  • Reflect Krystal Los Cabos
  • Riu Santa Fe
  • Riu Palace Los CABOS
  • Royal Solaris
  • San Angels Suites
  • Sanados Finestra
  • Santa Maria
  • Sea of Cortez Beach Club
  • Secrets Puerto Los Cabos
  • Sheraton Grand Los Cabos
  • Sheraton Hacienda del Mar
  • Senor Manana
  • Seven Crown Express
  • Siesta Suites
  • Sirena del Mar
  • Six Two Four Hotel
  • Solaz
  • Soleado
  • Solmar Resort
  • Sunrock
  • Tesoro Los Cabos
  • The Bungalows
  • The Cape, A Thompson Hotel
  • The Casita
  • Tropicana Inn
  • Viceroy Los Cabos
  • Villa del Arco
  • Villa La Estancia
  • Villa del Palmar
  • Vista Encantada
  • Westin Los Cabos
  • Zadun, A Ritz Carlton

Cheap Hotels in Cabo San Lucas

Hotels - Deals | If you are planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas in the near future, hotels are offering some really amazing deals that are normally hard to find: discounts up to 50%, no cancellation fees, no rescheduling charges, make your reservation with a 25% payment, and more. Check them out:

Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Update

Bars & Restaurants - Cabo San Lucas Protocols & Reopening

Restaurants have reopened table service with 50% capacity. They must be certified by the health authorities as meeting the new protocols to operate.

Bars and Night Clubs will remain closed until green light is given.

Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Update

Tours and Activities Reopening in Los Cabos —

We have so many adventures waiting for you! SEE ACTIVITIES!

All our Tours, Water Activities and Excursions have resumed operations.

There are a variety of new health protocols for all tours and activities, including:

  • Load capacity will be limited to 50% in order to provide sufficient social distancing.
  • Large groups will be split into smaller groups with a group leader in order to keep a safe distance.
  • Advanced disinfecting and sanitizing of vehicles and equipment.
  • Daily record of employee temperatures.
  • Hand Sanitizer available in all areas.

All activities must be certified by the health authorities as meeting the new anti-COVID protocols to reopen.

What about Fishing? Sports Fishing is allowed in Cabo San Lucas, following the proper sanitary protocols. However, the rest of port activities are, in the meantime, not allowed.

We are open 7 days a week to assist you, and are currently accepting bookings for all activities and transportation for June travel dates and beyond. You can Contact Us to help with your reservations.

Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Update

Cruise Ship Schedules & Reopening, Cabo San Lucas 2021—

Cruise ship ports plan to be reopen by summer 2021. Cruise Ship Companies are working hard, implementing safety protocols that will protect the well-being of passengers and their crew. Stay tuned for the latest news on cruise ship sailings for this 2021.

Cruise Line Deals Cabo San Lucas

Cruises Lines - Deals | Due to the COVID-19 situation and decreased demand, cruise lines have launched several promotions for the end of 2020 and 2021 that you be of your convenience.

Handy Items For Your Health & Upcoming Trips!



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